Bubbles and Balloons

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Blog

Give your child the Reasons and Opportunities to communicate

Think about the following in relation to yourself and your child:

What opportunities do they have to communicate?

Who do they communicate with you?

Why do they communicate?

Try these….

Use high interest object/toys/games-

Bubbles – you keep the bubbles solution, blow bubbles once then pause…..(observe your child) do they want more bubbles?

How do they ask?

Eye contact, pointing, words, sounds, sign, by touch, gesture – build on the ‘means’ they communicate with- copy and repeat their way of communicating.

If they used a gesture – you can copy the gesture and then blow more bubbles – you can introduce the sign for ‘more’ and say more bubbles plus sign the word ‘more’

Hopefully with time the child will be able to generalise the word ‘more’ to ask for more food, more play, more time on tv etc.

Blowing balloons.

Blow the balloon, half-way, let it go…will your child bring the balloon back to you – encourage them to do so.

Blow the balloon half-way – pause – will your child gesture, sign for you to continue blowing the balloon then letting go…

Make fun/funny as the balloon flies off/air escapes – it makes a noise!!